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Join the CJD&G Family

Register online any time by visiting our Parent Portal.  Want to visit in person? We reach out via email to and schedule a visit. 

Central Jersey proudly offers inclusive class experiences for all children. If your child might require extra accommodations please let us know during the registration process. 

For children age 4 and under, we have tailored combination classes that introduce both gymnastics and dance instruction.  Our Toddler Time and Preschool students are also invited to participate in our end of the year Dance Showcase and GYMFEST.  

Toddler Time             Ages 2 – 3 years old  $90 per month. 
Introduction to movement through dance and gymnastics. 

Preschool                  Ages 3 - 4 years old $90 per month. 

Basic gymnastic skills and dance rhythm patterns to develop body awareness, strength, and flexibility. 


Central Jersey offers gymnastics classes for children ages 4 -18. Our artistic gymnastic classes include floor and tumbling,  vault,  beam, and floor. All of our gymnastic students are invited to take advantage of our very popular end -of -the -year GYMFEST, where each student is awarded a medal for their performance.

Kindergym             Ages 4 1/2 – 5 years old  $90 per month. 

Mastery of basic tumbling skills, development of strength through the use of bars, the introduction of the balance beam and vaulting skills


Gymnastics            Ages 51/2 and up  
Progressive skill development in tumbling, floor exercise, uneven bars, vaulting, balance beam, and tumbletrak. Age and ability grouped below. 


Primary                         Ages 51/2 -7 yr. olds 

Advanced Primary     Ages 51/2 -7 yr. olds 

Advanced Primary 2  Ages 51/2 -7 yr. olds 

Novice                          8 & up 

Advanced Novice      8  & up

Intermediate               By ability

Advanced                   By ability  

Primary, Adv. Primary, Adv. Primary, Novice, and Adv. Novice $90 per month. Advanced Primary 2, Intermediate, and Advanced $106 per month.    

Tumbling         7 1/2 & up  $90 per month. 

Tumbling/floor skills and TumblTrak with a concentration on learning runs leading up to and including handsprings, tucks, and twists. Especially helpful for cheerleaders. 2nd grade and meet the age requirements.  Novice, Intermediate, Advanced levels.


Mini Team  $130 per month.    (by teacher recommendation and try out)

Accelerated training for the young gifted gymnast. Preparation for competitive gymnastics. Includes 2 1/2 hours a week, 


Springers Girls Gymnastics Team

 (by teacher recommendation and try out)
Our competitive girls’ gymnastics team, the “Springers”, Bronze, Silver, & Gold teams compete in the USAIGC meets.  Click here for more information.


Dance Department

Central Jersey offers dance classes for children ages 4 -18.  We offer classes in ballet, tap, jazz/hip hop, musical theater, lyrical,/contemporary, pointe, and acro-dance.  All students are invited to participate in our family-friendly Dance Showcase in June.   All dance students are required to wear proper dance attire and shoes.

Kinderdance      Ages 4 1/2 – 5 1/2 years old $90 per month. 

Introduction to ballet, tap, theatrical movement and musicality for the young dancer


Ballet & Tap or Ballet & Lyrical Combination Ages 5 1/2 & up $90 per month. 

Levels 1 - 4   (based on age and experience.)

The developmental technique, grace, and fluency of movement through a combination class offering ballet, tap, and theatrical dance.


Jazz /Hip Hop            7 & up  $90 per month. 

Levels 1 - 4   (based on age and experience.)

A stimulating street style dance movement. Class includes jazz technique, hip hop isolations, tricks, and combinations. Must be in 2nd grade and meet the age requirements. 


Musical Theater          7 & up $68 per month 

Mime, acting, staging, and dance movement in a theatrical experience.


Contemporary                8 & up $90 per month. 

Interpretive, expressive dance style with a technique based in ballet and modern. 


Ballet Workshop Intensive, Pointe, Lyrical, Acro-dance            

Classes are also offered in these subject areas for the more serious dancer at the Intermediate and Advanced levels.


CJ   Dance Company        Age  4 1/2 & up 

The award-winning Central Jersey Dance Company competes locally in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary, Acro, and Musical Theater. More information on our dance company is available upon request. By teacher recommendation only. Click here for more information.


Jersey Girls Dance Team    Age 8 & up 

The 2021 Dance Team Union National Champions and the 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2019  UDA National Champion call Central Jersey their home. Jersey Girls compete in dance team style routines in the North East and attend National Dance Team  Championships in Disney World. By audition only.  Click here for more information.

Class Schedule 2024-2025

Registration in class is subject to availability. Once you begin registration in Parent Portal all available classes will be made visible to you.  You can view our complete schedule here. 

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